Back to Normal Weekend

Happy Monday!

We had the best weekend and now that Thomas is 5 weeks old we have really started our new normal. It was so nice to really get out and about. I do have to say I started to remember that everything takes alot longer when you have a newborn with you though. Thankful Timothy was so patience and very go with the flow, fingers crossed it stays like that.

Friday started with Timothy going to sleep over at a friends house, it was his second ever sleepover and he was all good until it was bedtime, then he started to get nervous about sleeping somewhere different….oh brother!

He called me about 4 times that night and every time I told him I would pick him up and he said no, thank goodness for dear friends who stay up late to sooth your kiddo to sleep even when they are 8 years old. Resized_20180803_180916.jpg

He did have fun other then the sleeping situation HAHA


We picked Timothy up Saturday morning and headed over to my Mother in Laws since it was her birthday and then we were off on our first little family adventure of four to Disney Springs.  I really want to start doing normal things again and it was perfect to head over there for dinner and do some shopping.


These two were asleep within 5 minutes….don’t worry I didn’t leave Thomas’ head that way.

We ate a “new” restaurant called Terralina formally Portobello, the restaurant was completely renovated and still has the same chef James Beard. The food was excellent. You can check out the menu HERE. 



After dinner we went to the Timothy’s favorite place, the Lego store, he picked out a new Ninjago set.  Then we headed to the World of Disney, it is being completely remodeled and will reopen to its former glory by the fall.  I was completely bummed to find out all the new Winnie the Pooh stuffed animals from the movie were completely sold out because I was hoping to get the entire collection for Thomas.


Thomas was so chill almost until the end of the day then around 8pm he was done, he was ready for food and ready for the long car ride home so he could sleep! But before we left we also stopped in the Under Armour store for Timothy to get some new clothes for school and a lunch box. Because apparently Under Armour is the newest, coolest thing according to Timothy anyway.  Up stairs in the Under Armour was this super cool Hulk of course Timothy was all about it! #mylittlehulk



We got home much later then expected but we had the best time, so happy we were able to get our little Disney fix, we have lots of fun plans for the next couple of months to spend some more time there and Timothy keeps talking about introducing Thomas to the Boss AKA “Mickey Mouse”


The next day we celebrated Timothy’s birthday with Ryan’s family and also his little cousin Emma who turned 3 years old. It was her actually birthday, the kiddos were so excited to play, swim, eat pizza and have cupcakes! We also got a picture with all their older cousins too!

It really was a great weekend and it felt good to get out and start living our new normal!



Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites SQUARE

Hey there, Friday!  It’s good to see you again

Hope you are having that Friday feeling. I don’t know about you but I am so ready to have a fun weekend with my family!

This Friday I’m linking up with  AndreaErika and Narci. 

 I’m so happy that it’s FRI-YAY!



This sweet little ones birth story was up on Wednesday click HERE if you missed it.



This cool guy turned 8 at the end of the July! I mean I really can’t believe it, life is going by so fast and as much as I would love to re-live all of it I am so happy to see My Love grow and go through every season of life with him. He has my heart!

I did a recap of his birthday party yesterday, click HERE if you want to check it out.



And as Timothy was turning 8, My Little Love was turning ONE MONTH old! This summer has just flown by since Thomas as been born. I bought this awesome blanket off an Etsy Shop you can get it HERE.  It was hard to find a plain one, but I wanted to be able to style each month depending on what Holiday was in that month. So here is the first one, JULY!!!! I am trying to decide August, its the only one I am not sure about, Football season, school starting or maybe even end of summer Beach theme? I can’t decide. Let me know what you think?


My Sweets and My Little Sweets together…. I mean….all the hearts for these two, I am loving them in matching outfits! Lets see how long I can get Timothy to go along with it….HAHA. I have a feeling some bribing for the next year of pictures will be in my future.


Thomas is starting to smile at us and I love every second of it!



If you have not jumped on the band wagon and read Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis, DO IT!!!! And if you don’t like to read just follow her on Instagram because she is pretty AH-Mazing! I am actually reading it for the second time because its just something I need at the moment (lots of postpartum feelings) going on over here.


Quotes like this really really stick with me!



Grab the book HERE, or if I know you in real life I’ll give you my copy just ask.

She has a new book coming out in (I believe) March 2019 and I will be the first in line called Girl, Stop Apologizing.  Which is funny cause that is what my husband says to me all the time, he says you apologize for stuff that you didn’t do, to not just me but to everyone! It’s a bad habit I have, sorry. See I did it again!



Anybody else super sad that summer is coming to an end, this has been the summer of nothing and the summer of everything all at once.  We have really spent the summer since Thomas has been born staying in and really loving and learning each other, the good and the bad.  I really don’t want it to end and yet I can’t wait to see this new season of life really start. Its all bitter sweet.

Timothy starts third grade and I already have anxiety about who his teacher will be (alot of kids are looping with their teacher from last year and already receiving emails and I’m over here going where is my email 😦 ) Timothy’s teacher who I loved soooooo much, did not loop so I want to know who he will have. I always worry about his academic levels, he is just not as mature as some of the other kids and is on the younger side. We work so hard with him and he really came so far last year I want him to stay on the track.

Off to have a fun weekend with the fam!




Timothy Turns 8!

I can’t believe it! We just celebrated Timothy’s 8th birthday! Normally I plan and make decorations for his party months in advance and this year I was a little busy….having a baby, so about two weeks into July I was like…..Ummmmm I need to get on this. I wanted to make sure that Timothy knew it was a priority to me to celebrate his birthday just like we do every year.  In the morning we surprised him with presents from us and Ryan went to our favorite donut shop to get special birthday donuts.


Besides all the Jurassic World things he wanted, he wanted a bean bag chair for his new play room.


He told me later that he wished this day lasted forever.


This is the part where Timothy gets ALL THE DINOSAUR TOYS!


and just because lets reminisce a bit…


 And just like that he is EIGHT YEARS OLD




We were lucky to have gone to a birthday party at a bounce house place that Timothy liked and his birthday date was available so I booked it right away, and invited his friends, I was super thankful with it being such short notice that a lot of them were able to come.



My brother, Michael helping and Ryan guarding Thomas from all things germs HAHA, I think my husband secretly loves that Thomas can be his excused to be super anti-social. #makeitawkward HAHA



I made very few decorations, I am thankful for personalized decor that I can make with my cricut.


Timothy is not a huge cake person so this giant cookie cake from Publix did the trick!

The place we went to was a bounce house place I only got pictures of the kids in the room where they were eating pizza and cake.



And he opened his presents (his favorite part) this year he received money for some presents and you would have thought he was Scrooge McDuck swimming in his safe! HAHA


Since I was super late at getting everything finished I bought these off Amazon and made tags for the goodies that the kids could take home after the party also we had a photo booth that the kiddos were not that into but those who did it, got a picture with some Dinosaurs.

You can find the Pez HERE.

This crew is the cutest!


It was a super fun day and Ryan and I were just so happy that Timothy was so happy!



















Thomas is HERE!

I always thought we were going to be a one kid kind of family, I mean Timothy is a Dreamboat.

But after two years and unfortunately two miscarriages Ryan and I decided to try one more time, third time’s a charm, right?!  Well  it didn’t seem like anything was going to happen, and I was ok with that, so I decided to go for a job at Timothy’s school in the front office and at first I loved it,  it was so much fun but about a week after I got the job I started to feel sick…..ALOT…. like all day long,  it was terrible. That weekend I took a pregnancy test and it said YES!!!  I was only three maybe four weeks along so I wasn’t going to get my hopes up this time, fast forward five months and I was really sick throwing up constantly. Then after that I found out that I was having issues with my blood pressure then I also found out that I had gestational diabetes. Gestational Diabetes was no joke. I was on modified bed rest for most of the pregnancy then in March I was put on full bed rest.



This was a time when I had to get poked like 3 different times, it was the worst!



This was from the first time I was sent to the hospital 😦


With about two and half months to go I had to start going twice a week to the doctors.


I just felt so gross being pregnant so there is not many pics like this, it was the same with Timothy.



How I wanted to feel when my friends asked me how I was….


But it was much more like this


I always had to remember this quote!

It was just a really hard pregnancy I never thought in a million years that it was going to be any better and it’s funny because now thinking about not being pregnant for the last 4 weeks I almost don’t even remember how bad it was.


The morning Thomas was born I had to have a scheduled C-section because I had a C-section with Timothy. We went in on June 28th which by the way was so strange to actually pick my baby’s birthday.  We went in at 5 a.m. on June 28th and Ryan was probably more nervous than I was with all my issues he just wanted to make sure that I was okay and the baby was okay.


The two hour prep went by super fast and all the sudden it was time!  It was so strange to actually walk into the OR room. I laid down, the spinal tap went in, it was so quick and all the sudden Ryan was next to me and I was getting ready to have a baby.

My doctor said at one point okay you’re going to feel some pressure and all of the sudden I hear her say, “ he has red hair”  and I just started laugh and basically tried to look over the curtain. Ryan of course was already crying (he’s a crier) and just like that, there was our sweet little baby Thomas.





Once we were back in the room we had to wait about 45 minutes for Timothy to come back and I couldn’t wait! All I wanted to do was see Timothy and I wanted him to meet his new baby brother.

When he walked in the room he saw Thomas in the bassinet next to my bed and he was very shy as he slowly walked over to look inside.

At first he didn’t know what to think, he saw him and then Ryan said, “What do you think?” and he just smiled.  I asked if he wanted to hold his new baby brother and Timothy said yes. Timothy sat down and as soon as Thomas was put into Timothy’s arms you felt everything changed and his little smile on his face was so bright and happy and he looked  up and said, “ My life is now complete I love him” I will never ever forget that moment..


It was the most magical moment that we could ever have as a family of 4 for the first time.


Its pretty amazing! Its been a journey but it was all supposed to be this way, I  really believe it!



What up Wednesday


Linking up with ShayMel, and Sheaffer to share some random and fun stuff that’s up with me this month!

I can’t believe that July is coming to end, I have been in this huge funk this summer and now I am finally come out of it and summer is almost over. You can check out some of our summer so far HERE and our Disney trip we took at the beginning of summer HERE & HERE


What we are eating…

Ryan and I have been meal planning so one of the things that we are eating a lot of is chicken, kale, sweet potatoes with a little tiny bit of bacon, and yes we eat on paper plates a lot! LOL



This past weekend was Timothy’s 7th Birthday! I have loved ever second of every stage but I still miss this cute little baby face!




Back to school sales!

Here are some of my favorites

If you know me or follow me on instagram you know Timothy wears a lot of Ralph Lauren, but here is the secret, I get everything really cheap I buy 99% of his RL clothes from Ralph Lauren’s website, they always have great sales. Over 4th of July weekend they had a sale that was an extra 40% off sale items and I cleaned up for school clothes. YAY!


Carters is another one of my favorites! I will be sad when Timothy can’t wear it anymore, it only goes to size 8 and he is in a size 8 ;(


I love and J.crew but you have to watch for the sales, I never buy anything full price, some people think its J.crew, I don’t want to spend that kind of money, but with shopping the sales, you can get things very cheap!


And my favorite for lunch boxes and backpacks

This year was not my favorite selection, color wise, but I was able to get on super sale a red, white and blue backpack from last years collection. I try to stay away from character backpacks, because Timothy changes his mind constantly about what he loves!



We have been doing a lot of nothing this week. It’s one of the few weeks this summer we don’t have anything going on. We are always busy and running here and there, its nice to have just some chill time.

Last week we celebrated Timothy’s 7th bday and you can check that out HERE



Well, nothing…


I am really working on blogging more, its one of the easiest way to document our life.

I am also working on our goals once school starts, not just for me, but for Timothy and Ryan also. I use Power sheets and they are the best for helping you uncover good goals and helping you to make what matters happens.




Enjoying the rest of summer

If I could only be as cool as this kid!



AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Games of Thrones is BACK!


I am super excited that my friends and I are starting a book club and our first book to finish up the summer is


I’ll let you know if its good. 🙂


This has been on repeat in the car for forever.



When I find something I love I buy it in every color! This is a super-duper lightweight tunic from Old Navy.  It’s perfect for Summer because it’s so HOT in florida and the gauze material is so lightweight but you still feel put together.

And bonus its super cheap to check it out HERE

Relaxed Lightweight Tunic for Women - Hot Tamale



Timothy has a sleepover this weekend with his Grandma so Ryan and I are going on a date!!!! WooHoo!


School Starting and getting back to routines!

This was the first day of 1st grade!

jensphones82216 1393




Being with my peeps!





Timothy turns 7!!!

My sweet baby cakes turned 7 on Saturday! I am still trying to wrap my head around it. If you missed his birthday recap of One thought Six you can check it out HERE 


Saturday was Timothy’s Birthday and this year we decided to have it at Timothy’s favorite park again. Well we all know that with that crazy Florida summer weather you take your chances with having anything outside. My mom and I went early to start decorating and this was what happened! I sent out a big message to everyone to say that we were still going to have the party because it was supposed to let up but we totally understood if they did not want to make the drive.

As we were setting up the rain started…


Grabbed this picture before I left, last year I took up a picture of Timothy holding up six fingers and it still is one of my favorite pictures so I wanted to recreate it. This might just be a new tradition for us!


The rain started slowing down and I took some picture of the things I made with my trusty circuit of course.


Little take home bags.



I bought these balloons at the party store for $2.00 a piece and they were for sure my favorite decoration at the party 🙂



Ryan went to pick up Timothy best buddy and this is them running to the party! It’s never a dull a moment with Timothy.


Before everyone got there I snapped a couple of pictures.



I was super lucky that all the kiddos that came to the party have super cool parents and totally didn’t care if they got wet and dirty!

Then it was piñata time! So I actually filled the piñata way to much lol so it was so heavy that after a couple of kiddos and one good wack it came down fast!



I love this picture of Timothy’s friend Jack, walking away with his loot!


Singing Happy Birthday!

So I waited until the last-minute to get a cookie cake, totally my fault #momfail. After 3 different stores I was able to get a cookie cake, it was crazy running around, all because this kiddo wanted a cookie cake. Well when it was time for cake, Timothy was like I don’t really want a piece! WHAT?!?!? Ryan and I were so annoyed, of course he didn’t know what had happened the day before about trying to get one, all he was worried about was opening presents.

I was very happy after we got home and he ate his big piece and he said, “this is really good mommy” in that sweet voice! LOL


Presents! Presents! and more Presents!





I love taking pictures but I just didn’t take as many as I thought I would. Here he is with some of his friends.


We got home and Timothy played with all his new toys! He was so excited to get a new Spiderman costume that fit him.


Timothy’s bday money was burning a hole in his pocket so we went to Toys r us and he picked out a spiderman toy that he wanted!

Then we ended the day with dinner at Bj’s and Timothy thought is was so cool that he got another candle in a cookie!


We got home and he was exhausted, he laid down and this was him in about 2 minutes!


It started out as a stressful day with the weather but it ended up being great and Timothy had the best time!



Looking back on Timothy’s Birthday

I can’t believe my baby is about to be 7 in a couple of days! I love going through all the old pictures and see that cute face!

The day Timothy was born was the best day of my life! Here he is about 2 hours old!

Timothy hospital pics 141.jpg

His first birthday was a Baby Mickey themed birthday of course!

He knew pretty quick that this day was going to be all about him!

timothys birthday 065

This is the only family picture we have from that day.


I love that little mega mind head!


His second Birthday was all about Jake and the Neverland Pirates! He loved pirates so much, but he favorite character was always Captain Hook!

Timothy's second birthday 035 new

Timothy's second birthday 045

I just love this picture of Timothy and my mom, I have no idea what they were laughing at but it must have been something good!

Timothy's second birthday 068 new

Third Birthday was all about Toy Story!


I actually didn’t take many pictures this year just because we were having so much fun!


Then my favorite of the birthday parties was his 4th Birthday party and it was a Pirate/Captain Hook party.


I made all the decorations and it was so cute!


His 5th birthday was all about Batman!


This was the last year we had the party at the house and it was family and a couple of good friends.

Jens phone 8-11-15 1230

I made all the decorations for this one too!

Jens phone 8-11-15 1233

If you know Timothy, you know he really put on a show as Batman.

Jens phone 8-11-15 1307

Then last year he had made a ton of new friends at school and wanted them all to come to his party, it was so much fun but I knew having a party at the house was just going to be crazy, and I looked into having different places but it was so expensive for the amount of people who would be invited. Even though we live in florida and it was July we decided to have it early in the day at the park. It ended up being great because all Timothy really wanted was to play with his friends! And that’s what he got to do!

We did theme it out with Spiderman, but last year I didn’t go all out in crazy decorations just a couple of banners and store-bought stuff!

jensphones82216-1116.jpegjensphones82216 1071

We played a couple of games, but most of the kiddos just wanted to play on the playground.

jensphones82216 1072

jensphones82216 1074

Here he is with some of his best buddies!

jensphones82216 1077

I am excited about this year! Can you guess what the theme is!?!

Jens phone 8-11-15 420























Summer Disney Vacation Part Two

If you missed yesterday you can check out my Disney Days 1 & 2 HERE.

We got up really late (it was so nice to sleep in) and Timothy and I even swam in the pool for a bit, while Ryan got some work done. After that we headed back down to the buses to go back to Animal Kingdom. We had to see Pandora again! This time we didnt have fast passes so we knew we would wait in line for flight of Passage. As great as it is to have fast passes for rides, you do miss a lot of cool stuff when you don’t get to go through some of the lines. One example of this is in the line for the Flight of Passage we were able to go through these amazing caves and then into a labs where we saw an Avatar! Another is Peter Pan’s Flight, a Disney Fan favorite, if you get on the fast pass line you miss seeing the Darling children’s nursery.

Timothy turns into a two-year old when bubbles are around!


As we were walking up to Animal Kingdom we saw one of Timothy’s good buddies from school. I snapped a quick pic, it was so bright outside I couldn’t even see the screen so this is the best pic I got! HAHA


So Timothy insisted I take his picture while we in line, again it was really bright and I couldn’t see my screen and this is what I got! I almost peed my pants laughing when I finally went through my phone and saw this picture!


We had not seen any of this when we went through the fast pass line.


Everything in here was done so well.


The ride was just as good the second time around!

It started pouring as we were getting off the ride so we stopped by Timothy’s favorite pizza place and had a quick-lunch, by the time we were done the rain had stopped. #floridaweather


Then a beautiful rainbow appeared.


We left Animal Kingdom and headed to my favorite place in the whole world! Normally we would always go to the Magic Kingdom on the first day but we were just to excited for Pandora.

Always posing!


Love my peeps!


We rode a couple of rides then it was time to go to wait for the fireworks. The new firework show Happily Ever After is a must do on any trip.

Ryan actually surprised me the Friday before Mother’s Day and took me there for the very first show, to help lift my spirits after everything I was going through, which was a good thing because the next day I had ended up spending the entire day with my mom who we had to take to the emergency room, but that is a whole other story.

Anyway when we had gone the first night it was so packed and we ended up in a spot that was hard to see the “whole big picture” so this time we were right in the center!

This was us waiting for it to start.


Ryan had gone to fetch Timothy some chicken nuggets and fries, so we were just messing around!


The show was about to start!


It’s such a magical show, I do miss WISHES though. My phone died at this point and this was the last picture I took.


Day Four

This was our last day so we packed up all our stuff  put it in the car and headed to Epcot.


We had been so so lucky with the weather, it stayed pretty cool because of the rain, but this day was a HOT FLORIDA SUMMER DAY!

We had stopped to get a drink and I said lets take a picture of the three of us, and this is what I got. I love this silly kid!


Then this could for sure be a favorite of mine. Ryan is super reserved around people, even family, that is why I am so excited for him that he started his own instagram to document his running @runryanrepeat anyway, when its us this is the Ryan I get, I wish everyone got to see how awesome he is!


We went on a few rides and then hit up my favorite show!


Stopped for some Disney Starbucks!


We did a couple more rides than it was time to hit the road.

Timothy missed this the memo that this was a sad we were leaving Disney trip!


We had a blast! Can’t wait to go back in the fall. We have passes that have block out dates in the summer which is OK, that is when its the most crowded and the most hot!

Thanks for coming on this little adventure.




Disney Summer Vacation! Part One

This summer we went to Disney World for 4 days to have some magical fun and to also see the new world of Pandora! We were not five minutes into the trip when this happened!


We decided to stay at Coronado Springs this time and even though it was under construction it was nowhere near we were staying so it was really nice!  Plus this is Ryan’s favorite food court in all the hotels at the Walt Disney World Resort.


Best part about booking a Disney Resort hotel is getting your magic bands in the mail before the trip and getting a text message that your room is ready. NO checking in required! I love that!

This is the fountain in the main entrance.


It was lunch time and we were starving so sat down to eat and Timothy did a little dance to the music.


We went to our room and had about two hours before we were going to head to the park, we wanted to wait until it got a little later in the day, so Ryan took a nap, but Timothy and I just told stories because we were to excited to sleep.


We were walking to our Disney transportation and Timothy wanted to try the hammock, lol he said, “I thought this was supposed to be relaxing.” HAHA


On the Disney bus to Animal Kingdom.


We headed straight for pizza for Timothy and then to Pandora.


Everything was so cool, and since it had just opened I thought it would be super crowded and it was but I have seen worse, and we were expecting it so that’s why we waited a little later in the day as well. We had fast passes for Flight of Passes at 8:00pm, but before that we wanted to walk around and just check things out.


So pretty!


This was soooooo cool!


We ate at the Satu’li Canteen (Timothy did not, he ate pizza) and the food was really good! I had the Sustainable Fish Bowl, pictured below.


And Ryan had Slow- Roasted Grilled Beef Bowl


Timothy had some blue punch…


We were checking out all the cool stuff.


This was a first for me, we waited in line to go into the gift shop, it was about 30 minutes so not to bad, it was just cause everyone was so excited about the Banshees.


Once we got in we waited in another short line so Timothy could bond with a Banshee. And he totally bonded with one right away!


Can you guess which one?


This cast member was giving Timothy the low down on the Banshee, what it eats, how to treat him, what time he goes to sleep. 🙂


He was so excited for his new pet!


Timothy was doing the pledge to take care of his Banshee that his named Mic Vidget.


Then it was time for Flight of Passage, we had fast passes and if you had followed me on insta-stories that day you totally saw all this, until they said we could not take any more pictures. We only waited in the fast pass line for about 10 minutes so I didn’t really get any pics.


Flight of Passage was the best ride EVER! Timothy was screaming, “THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Always posing!


So beautiful at night, pictures does not do it justice!


We did not have fast passes for the Na’ vi River ride and waited about 2 1/2 hours, at least there was a lot of pretty things to look at. It was beautiful but extremely short!!


We made it back to the hotel around 11:00pm and were so tired.

Day two

The next day we got up and decided to chill in the morning and go swimming!



Later that day we were back on a Disney bus to head to Hollywood Studios.


Toy Story Mania!


Star Tours!


Tower of Terror!!! After that we left, Hollywood Studios is going through a lot and I mean A LOT of construction right now, getting ready for the new Star Wars land and Toy Story land coming 2018!


Then we decided to head back because it looked liked it was going to rain, this was us stuck in the lobby because Timothy was freaking out about the lightning, poor baby gets so scared and Ryan is trying to look up the radar because Timothy has to see every time it rains. The rain finally let up long enough for us to make it back to out room and then it was back to bed!


Check back tomorrow for Days 3 & 4






































Summer so far…

Summer has got me like….


Summer is going by so fast! My fam and I have had a lot of fun so far but I have also had some hard personal moments too. Before the school year ended I had a second miscarriage, people didn’t even know I was pregnant again, after the miscarriage in November I felt like I could not tell anyone about it, it was like this beautiful secret that Ryan and I had. I felt in my heart that this was going to be good. Unfortunately for a second time I had another miscarriage.  Honestly I don’t know how I feel about it, actually pretty numb this time, it was right around mothers day and the fact that I had to deal with it again and tell Ryan again that he would not be a dad was one of the hardest things I had to do.

Its been a couple of months now and I am finally starting to get out of my secret funk and feel better. I know how lucky I am to have Timothy! You can not be around Timothy and not be happy, his sunshine brings out your sunshine! Ryan and I have decided to stop trying and take some breathers for a while and focus on our family.

On to happy things, we still have kept busy this summer, when you have kiddos life goes on. We went to Disney the first week of summer and I will recap that this week, because there is a lot to talk about with the new Pandora land in Animal Kingdom.

We have had a lot going on this summer, birthday parties, graduations, camps and lots of fun things planned with our friends.

Here are some pictures not in any special order

Star Wars camp!


Beach fun!


We celebrated Father’s Day


Baseball Camp



4th of July parade


Lots of pool time


Friend time


And of course, 4th of July! Look at this cutie throughout the years!


That has been summer so far, there is only a couple of weeks left and I am going to make sure we take advantage of that time for sure!!!!!